Two’s company, three’s a data risk

March 2018 brought a series of data-ethics blitzkriegs across the globe that compel us studying ‘smartness’ to discuss issues of data vulnerability and manipulation. The modalities of these data breaches and/or their exploitation were varied, and we’ll focus on the prospects of state surveillance through the biometric identity cards in India and China and the... Continue Reading →

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Demystifying the Indian Smart City – Introduction

The newly elected federal Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015 with the stated purpose of improving the governance and infrastructural deficiencies that plague Indian cities. Missing, however, in the new programme was a cohesive understanding of a smart city. While the government documentation repeatedly implies infinite liberty for cities to self-define... Continue Reading →

Pedestrian Postcolonialism

I walk. My mode of familiarising myself to any new space is on foot and London is a pedestrian-friendly city filled with ample footpaths and maps to help my flaneur emerge with a vengeance. There has been however, an inadvertent result of this very nuanced engagement with the city - the opening of 'colonial wounds'.... Continue Reading →

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