Contextualising the South African government digital landscape, pt. II

  In my previous blog post I referred to a specific South African digital “context” in which I would be exploring the emergence of smart city discourse among South African municipal governance structures. The previous blog post also described why, at the level of methodological approach, certain modes of web enquiry may not be appropriate.... Continue Reading →


Contextualising the South African government digital landscape, pt. I

Obfuscated. Dense. Deviated.  Muddled. Words that have come to mind while working with South African-based municipal and provincial web domains and their relationship with smart cities. With this second blog post, I will provide my first project update. My updates will provide a crack-in-the-door glimpse on my research so far, providing a slither of light... Continue Reading →

Introducing Evan Blake

Salut from Neuchatel! My name is Evan, one of two Doctorate researchers on board the Smart Cities: Provincialising the Global Urban Age project. I come into the project from South Africa and will be providing the project with an additional set of ears and eyes immersed in the South African urban landscape. In between bouts... Continue Reading →

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